Alex Watson – Red Lodge Clay Center

Alex WatsonKansas City, Missouri

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Alex Watson graduated with a BFA in Ceramics from Utah State University in 2005. After graduating, he taught ceramics classes and managed the ceramics department at a small school in the Berkshires. In 2008, Watson moved to Colorado, where he lived and worked until 2013.  He was an artist in residence at the Carbondale Clay Center and Studio for Artists Works. In 2010, he was a visiting artist at Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in China.  Upon returning from China, Watson became a full time studio potter.  He is now in Kansas City, MO, teaches classes at the KC Clay Guild, and is a founding member of the Kansas City Urban Potters.


My goal is to make a simple well-designed object, a pot that is modern and elegant, yet still very utilitarian and user friendly. The details of the pottery are key to its success. From the surface, to the weight of the pot, I try to consider every aspect of each functional object. I choose to use terra cotta because of its warm tones, and when paired with slip, its warmth softens the colors. The small color details found in most of my pots are there for visual stimulation.