Catie Miller – Red Lodge Clay Center

Catie MillerFargo, North Dakota

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Catie Miller is a potter, illustrator, muralist, instructor, and one-woman business while continuously cleaning a kitchen heavily used by two little growing boys. After earning her degrees from Minnesota State University Moorhead, she became recognized for creating colorfully illustrated ceramics. She is interested in continuing to grow her practice from ceramics to mural projects and online workshops. Her artwork has been exhibited and collected around the United States and world.

Locally, you can find her murals on the newly built Fargo City Hall and Community Family Market. She has also been the cover artist of Pottery Making Illustrated for the Sept/Oct 2018 issue and has been regularly featured in Ceramics Monthly along with several regional publications. In addition, she loves connecting with her local community and other creatives by sharing what she’s learned through online and in-person workshops as well as craft camps and classes.

Catie Miller’s work is recognized by the bright colors, playful patterning, and unexpected approach to traditional tableware. Graphic, simplified depictions of realism with symbolic patterning from the obscure to the obvious create charming and full compositions. The patterns have layers of personal meaning to Miller, from the re-contextualized florals of her greatgrandmother’s bedsheets to the morning ritual of combing her boys’ hair. She brings vibrancy to the monotony of routines and creates comfort in the objects we choose to surround ourselves with, in a functional and unapologetically cheerful way. She finds satisfaction knowing the little strange stories she has integrated in her work only start with her, but grow over time when they are in someone else’s home. It is this connection to other’s lives and other’s stories that keeps her in the studio.