Jill BirschbachEvanston, Illinois

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Jill has a BFA from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, and an MFA from the University of Nebraska. She exhibits her work nationally and has been included in shows at AKAR Gallery, The Clay Studio, Contemporary Craft, Baltimore Clayworks, Bradley University, Lillstreet Art Center, and Texas Tech University among others. She is represented by James May Gallery in Algoma, WI.

Jill works full time as a research editor for Getty Images in Chicago and has her studio at the Midwest Clay Guild in Evanston, IL (midwestclayguild.net). She lives with her husband and two cats in South Evanston, Illinois where she realized her childhood dream of having a spiral staircase in her house.

I have been photographing my family, childhood home and grandparents’ home for many years. I focus on the surface decor, meaningful objects, the distance between people – clues to the things prized by the occupants and symbols of their working class values.

As time has passed, many of these people are gone, and most of these places do not exist anymore except in my memories and these images.

The house forms are imperfect and sometimes crude, a reflection of my conflicted feelings. With the decals permanently encased in the glaze, it allows these memories to take shape and keeps them from being lost.