Kari Smith – Red Lodge Clay Center

Kari SmithAlbuquerque, New Mexico

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I am a creative spirit native to the southwest that sips from the beauty of everyday
life. Clay is my chosen material; however, I often wonder, who chose whom! I
have had the honor of getting my hands deliciously dirty ever since I stepped foot
into a ceramic studio many moons ago. Presently living and playing in
Albuquerque, New Mexico, I am afforded the pleasure of culture, community and
solitude that nourish my soul and hearten my creative process. Of all the paths we
take in life, my bliss is found stretching one’s legs on those made of dirt.

When my feet walk the arid land, my eyes absorb the colors of a passing day, I smell the sage, and my heart opens to stillness. My spirit contemplates and remember…my hands connect and record the beauty of nature and life. Expression, vitality, and presence are at the heart of how I approach clay.
My creative process is rooted in the curiosities of my spirit. Through identifying with the earth’s materials and existing within the landscape, I’ve learned to be mindful and appreciative for the opportunity to explore the ever-changing planet. Environment and atmosphere set the tone. I tune in and arrive to the vibrant resonance of my studio practice where form, color, line and shape come into being.
The internal, emotive and intangibles are the life force of the dreamscapes. Through pinching and drawing, I reflect upon the transitory emotions in time and space, utilizing clay’s innate characteristics to layer a pictorial skin. The Universe, while voyaging beyond, supports the dream and brings forth harmonious manifestations that nourish a tranquil vibrant effect. This is the journey of a benevolent soul within Nature’s landscape.