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Sooyeon KimJohns Creek, Georgia

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Sooyeon Kim is a native of Seoul, South Korea, where she received her undergraduate degree before coming to the U.S. to get a master’s degree at Iowa State University.   After graduation, she relocated to Atlanta, becoming active in the regional arts community.  Gaining recognition in local, national, and international art competitions, her works have been shown at ICAN at NCECA, Strictly Functional Pottery National, SOFA Chicago, ArtAxis, and Ceramics Monthly.

Currently, Sooyeon Kim is a full-time faculty in the Fine Arts Department at Georgia State University and a working studio artist.  In 2020 she joined the group exhibition, One Earth/One Chance, and stands as an artist for the end of global warming.

The principles of yin and yang and the expressions of harmony they embody, run throughout my work.  This is expressed through forms, colors, space, time, texture concepts.

Exploring and experimenting while creating is how I build curiosity which I feel is one of the best vehicles to communicate with viewers.  This helps reach my goal of having my work be connected and a part of someone’s everyday life.