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AIA Summer Kickoff Exhibition
Opening: 05.02.2014
Closing: 05.30.2014
Description: Artist's Reception: Friday, May 2, 2014, 5-7PM

Exhibition Posted Online: Monday, May 5
by 10 AM Mountain Time

For more information:

This Summer we are starting a new tradition. We will begin each summer season with a group exhibition featuring work from all the artists who are participating in Artists-Invite-Artists Residency. An AIA Residency encourages conversation, community, and possible collaborations between makers who have the rest of their year filled with a day job that occupies the majority of their time. The AIA provides an opportunity to connect with other makers they haven't worked with in a while or have never met at all.

Summer 2014 will include visits from:

Anna Callouri Holcombe AIA: March Leuthold, Harris Deller, Janet Deboos, and Linda Lighton
Giselle Hicks AIA: Hannah Fisher, Kala Stein, and Eric Eley
Jeri Au AIA: Dan Anderson, Leslie Macklin, and Gaye Ann Hutton

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