Justin Paik Reese – Red Lodge Clay Center

Justin Paik ReeseYoungstown, Ohio

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Justin Reese is a studio potter out of Youngstown, Ohio. Some of his influences include 90’s pop culture, retro video games, and Korean pottery and patterning. He fires to cone 10/11 in his soda kiln, often looking for rich carbon-trapping with bright, electric celadons. Currently, he is spending a lot of time traveling to help fire kilns, teach workshops, and welcome new friendships and opportunities

Growing up in a dilapidated town full of architectural genius, and often traveling to South Korea at a young age to visit my mother’s family, I have a beautiful clash of opposites that fill my mind when revisiting my past. I can vividly recall my grandfather’s ginger jar that sat next to his piles of bodybuilder magazines, often wondering why I never questioned that coexistence. There’s something profoundly powerful and lasting when elements of a reality don’t quite make sense. Living through the chaos of the ‘90s and experiencing pop culture through the lens of two different worlds, I try to find ways to embrace turbulence and serenity by integrating those elements into my creative process. I try to display the same contrast in my work, evoking thought and question, tugging at the viewers to experience something that may seem loud and odd, yet calm and beautiful.