Ben JordanFlagstaff, Arizona

Ben Jordan was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1985. He moved to Flagstaff, Arizona in 2003 to pursue an undergraduate degree at Northern Arizona University. After receiving his bachelor’s in Sociology he discovered clay and has been working with this medium since 2007. In 2013 Ben completed his BFA in ceramics at Northern Arizona University. While working on his BFA Ben also became interested in metal work/fabrication and has been enjoying bringing these two mediums together in his recent work. Currently he is developing his portfolio in pursuit of obtaining a master degree in the fine art of ceramics!

My work is motivated by the disconnect we have with each other and nature due to industrialization, economic/social systems and technology. I use
metal and clay to represent the dichotomy of industrial versus organic in our world. Although clay is processed and steeped in industry it is nonetheless organic, and there is an aspect of this irony and impurity that is significant to my work. My recent work explores human manipulation of the natural world, regardless of consequence, for the benefit of a few. The work focuses on the unintentional byproducts of society, manifesting through structures such as globalization and capitalism.

As well as, how this manipulation influences our day-to-day lives, which leaves us isolated and detached from genuine connection in our modern world. The gestural and animated nature of my recent ceramic structural forms suggest the human struggles and restrictions we face; while still conveying the purity and beauty of the natural world that is undeniably at the root of our being.