Dean AdamsBozeman, Montana

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Dean Adams exhibits nationally and internationally and has participated in many artists’ residencies, including The Archie Bray Foundation, The Banff Centre, and Watershed Center for Ceramics. Currenlty Dean is Vice-President of Programming for Integrative Teaching International, and is a member of Foundations Art Theory, Education (FATE). Dean is a co-founder and co-director of the International Wild Clay Research Project at MSU as well as a founding board member for the LH Project in Oregon.

I use the image of the penis combined with other imagery to create icons of a new paradigm contrary to popular cultural attitudes of male sexuality and to comment on kitsch. The penis birds are playful and humorous. Humor allows me to be more subversive. They violate a taboo born out of mainstream cultural connotations expressing male sexuality as characterized by abuse, domination, pornography, and narcissism. I intend my pieces to act as metaphors representing uninhibited phallic sexuality, which is negative to neither males nor females.
My work is made using molds appropriated from hobby ceramics and made from objects I purchase from junk/antique stores, toy stores, and adult shops or objects I sculpt. Each object becomes a letter in my alphabet or a word in my vocabulary. By combining two or more of the images, I re-contextualize them into a new icon to be experienced in an art experience.