Karl SchwiesowMissoula, Montana

I was born and raised in Homer Alaska, a small fishing town on the Kenai Peninsula.  In 2012 I received my BFA from Sierra Nevada College where I studied Sculpture and Ceramics.  I have also traveled abroad and participated in an international exchange at Tainan National University of the Arts, and pursued independent research in Vietnam, Costa Rica, and Canada.  Currently, I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant, student and MFA candidate at the University of Montana.

My work is an exploration of the dialectic nature of the object through intrinsic qualities of materials.  I act on these objects through deconstruction (taking things apart), reconstruction  (putting it back together) and recontextualization, changing context and changing meaning.  By manipulating the inherent formal qualities of a material a new exchange significance can be realized.  I see the objects I use as resources and components of a larger visual lexicon.  I aim to blend concepts of value, irony, and identity with form in a way that reveals the object to us as a unique metaphor and/or a pathway to understanding ourselves.