Stephanie DishnoOgden, UT

Stephanie Dishno was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana where

she received her BFA in ceramics and a minor in Art History at Herron

School of Art and Design in 2012. While attending Herron she was

part of a public commission for Riley’s Children’s Hospital. She then

attended the University of Alaska Anchorage for her Post-

Baccalaureate from 2014 to 2016. While attending UAA she had work

shown in galleries around Anchorage Alaska including a solo

exhibition. She currently resides in and continues to make sculptures

in Ogden, Utah.

Sex bleeds into almost every aspect of our lives. Most of us are in a continuous heightened state of sexual consciousness from being exposed to ceaseless titillating proclamations. Arousing suggestions are cradled even in the most mundane facets of our surroundings. I believe that peoples’ sexual imagination can be stimulated by casual acts like slurping raw oysters and tonguing the cream out of long, yellow sponge cakes. We have become stranded in a perpetual miserable state of blue balls leaving the desire of sex to be much more powerful then the act of release itself.
My work aims to embrace those raw moments and desires that humanity strives to keep secret and tame. I use corpulent figures in my sculptures to allude to a gross hunger for self-satisfaction; the animal attributes of my figures represents our inner most carnal instincts. I am fascinated by what it means to be unrefined and human with the proclivity to fuck.