Andrea Gordon – Red Lodge Clay Center

Andrea GordonDenver, Colorado

Red Lodge Clay Center – Short-Term Resident (AIA) 2019

I began learning to paint in 2010 and continue to expand my interests and skills, now also making paper mache sculptures and ceramics – and sometimes combining all of the above.  I want my art to reflect positivity – not pessimism or cynicism.  I am a member of the Artnauts Collective which shows internationally for the purpose of engaging in dialogue through art.  I also show with Core New Art Space which is a coop gallery with a long history in Denver.

Whether by nature or nurture, we all have a default mode. Pessimism came naturally to me.  Pessimism is easy.  Complaining and criticizing is easy.  Expressing hope is almost rebellious.

Even more challenging is to make the effort and spend time finding possible solutions.  I don’t want to make art that is dark and angsty. Creating art is uplifting experience. My art is always vibrant and energetic, even when speaking to difficult subjects – not as a way of glossing over but as a way of leading with hope and positivity.