Anna Wagner – Red Lodge Clay Center

Anna WagnerCabot, Arkansas

Red Lodge Clay Center, Short-Term Resident 2021

Anna Wagner is a ceramic artist residing in Cabot, AR. She received her BFA in Ceramics from the University of Central Arkansas in 2020. During undergrad, Anna received many scholarships, such as the Wingate Foundation scholarship and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts scholarship. She has interned for the Clay Art Center in New York and with the well known ceramic artist, Jason Briggs. After her undergrad, Anna exhibited her work in many national exhibitions, such as the Craven Arts Council, the Foundry Art Center and was recently published in Ceramics Monthly, May 2021. Anna is currently making work and applying to many more artist opportunities before attending an MFA program.

My work interprets the effects of taking Adderall and stems from the perspective of someone dealing with ADD/ADHD. The objects are referential of utilitarian forms to imply the struggle with medications that restrain appetite. The loose and colorful shapes contrast against the monochrome realism of the portraits. Inspired by comic books and cartoons, the translation results in bright colorful objects that seem to vibrate and hum with potential energy. Some of the forms are from pieced together shapes sometimes making no sense as separate parts but finding their place as additions to my work. This can be said for anyone with invisible mental disabilities, finding their place and support in a community with similar challenges. If the vessels are used in a utilitarian sense, then the discussion of the loss of appetite and other effects of Adderall would be disrupted. The work is created for individuals who need a voice, filling the empty forms with stories, each one echoing my own.