Armando RamosValley City, North Dakota

Red Lodge Clay Center – Short-Term Resident (AIA) 2013

My art practice is intended as a playful counterpoint to the darker images and ideas that inundate us through mass culture. I use irony and humor to evoke a sense of parody in my work. As an artist I am interested in the manipulation of images from everyday life and popular culture and how this visual information can be redirected and give life to my creations.

I seek to emphasize the intricacies of everyday life, which allow us to relate to each other while stirring a sense of the odd or unique that thrives in every one of us. The core of my work lies in the stories of the characters I explore and how they act as placeholders for a time that can no longer be attained, one that takes us back to a time of playfulness and naiveté in our ideas about the world.