Bill Jones – Red Lodge Clay Center

Bill JonesRed Lodge, Montana

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Red Lodge Clay Center, Long-Term Resident 2021 – 2022

Bill Jones grew up in Bucks County, PA and studied architecture and design at Lehigh University and the University of Michigan. After a change of direction and an extended stretch in the pottery studio at Penland School of Craft, he moved to North Carolina to begin a 2 year apprenticeship with woodfire potter and sculptor, Daniel Johnston in Seagrove. The hand skills garnered from both the apprenticeship and subsequent time as a journeyman potter and production artist at STARworks Center in Star, NC, grounded his formal education in architecture and design.

The work now coming out of Bill’s Greensboro, NC studio pushes at the boundaries of both his education in design and in craft – abstracting the traditional and humanizing the formal.

My pots are drawings.
I think that’s the most simple way to put it.

They’re a representation of a thing in my head. An attempt at a whole. They carry with them thought and feeling and memory. My pots are also tools and their composition changes how they’re used and what it means when they’re used. And, not to complicate things too much, they also start to mean things to you – and this changes them again. It’s a bit like a conversation.

So these objects start to carry a lot more than tea or flowers, but hopefully they do that well too.