Brant WeilandMaryville, MO

Red Lodge Clay Center – Short-Term Resident (ASPN) 2017

Brant Wieland is one of our 2017 ASPN – Advanced Student Project Network residents. The ASPN program was established to offer exceptionally talented students enrolled in undergraduate programs an opportunity to come work at the Clay Center with a group of dedicated peers in order to expand and invest in their studio practice. Brant comes to us from Northwest Missouri State University.

We carry a resource within, a deep running stream stretching back towards our historical roots. It has percolated and filtered through the bedrock lineage that comprises our genetic and family makeup, showing its form in nuances, idiosyncrasies, and personal boundaries we may not have noticed. At times we may be unaware that a vein of ancestral thought running through us is at odds with the current era. Those feelings we trust as intuition are echoes reverberating from wisdom handed down and age old truths. It is knowledge that is ingrained with dimension and layers.

With my work I aim to reveal oversights that cast away gems shaped by loving hands and in turn shaped a facet of life. I wish to take a step back and acknowledge the “conundrum of time” that persists as we continually move into a present point only to discover we have been there before. As I come to terms with my upbringing and the current day I am continually torn by the thought that I feel prepared for a reality that never manifested. Working through it allows me to consider what to bring with and what to leave in the past, shifting between the conversations to find orientation. The pieces are stories and lessons from my own memories and others, they remain relevant through a continuation of their message, pathways from my mind to yours. None of them are finished, they are only waiting for you to add the next line.