Christine GoldenFlagstaff, AZ

Red Lodge Clay Center – Short-Term Resident 2011

My sculptures are a conglomeration of events and experiences within a life cycle that bears psychological weight. They address the passage of time and how different stages of our lives shape the perception of ourselves and life in general. A range of human concerns are embodied in this work, in each sculpture the body becomes a theater of the emotional state and a metaphor for a particular event or time in life. Some of the ideas included in this body of work are the awareness of cycles, spirit, journey, and mortality. I am illustrating an emergence of life, the idealistic arrogance and endurance of youth, an exploration of relationships, sex, and power, a portrayal of decline with the capacity to reflect on life, and finally mortality itself.
I am exploring the effects that time and sexuality have on our physical and psychological awareness. Creating a connection between my sculptures and the observer is important. Therefore, I use narratives, symbols, and confrontational tools to influence these connections. By representing psychological depths through the physical body, I hope to inspire empathy, lasting impressions, and viewer introspection.