Danny CrumpAthens, Ohio

Red Lodge Clay Center – Short-Term Resident 2008

My work confronts human energy confined in or moving through human constructs. With an organic- geometric tension, and guided by an internal narrative, I make the holes or “punch-throughs” Like a punch, these energetic, grotesque, and violent punch-throughs make their way in or out of rigid wood-fired forms. They leave voids in the piece, detailing evidence of passage. Walking around the pieces, multiple perspectives are evident; a physically three-dimensional form flattens to a visually two-dimensional plane. Seeing the pieces through voids at certain angles hints at passage through an internal space. Other voids are black holes, leaving no clues to what is inside. This nothingness excites me. Borders and edges can only distract for so long; the void, full of potential, of energy, and loss, draws in. Multiple dimensions generate new perceptions of the present structural world, preserve past evidence of time and struggle, and investigate the terrible question of the void.