David MacDonald – Red Lodge Clay Center

David MacDonaldSyracuse, New York

Red Lodge Clay Center – Short-Term Resident 2013

The nature of the art experience for me is one of self-discovery and communication. In one sense, it is a very private and personal journey in search of order, reason, reality and beauty. In another sense, it is a very public act in the attempt to express and share, with others, my realizations and discoveries.
The principal concern of my art is the articulation of the magnificence and nobility of the human spirit; and a celebration of my African heritage. The material I use is clay. The primary vehicle for expression is the vessel.
In my view, the vessel represents unique social and spiritual connections and associations, to all people, that do not exist in non-vessel ceramic forms. There exists in the vessel a timeless-ness and universality that records, contains and continues the very essence of humanity.