Giselle HicksHelena, Montana

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My current work investigates the sites within a domestic space that are routinely and ritually inhabited, particularly the bed/bedroom and table/dining room. For me, the bed and table personify human relationships. Their design and function determines our proximity to one another affecting our actions and interactions. I imagine their surfaces as absorbent, retaining traces of our presence and our histories.

My work is an abstraction of the expansive and complex life experiences that take place across surfaces of these sights within the home. What is retained from these experiences I reflect back in the varied patterns covering each form. Using floral designs, composites of motifs pulled from quilting, textile and wallpaper survey books, I carve the pattern into each piece and then inlay with color, reminiscent of embroidered thread woven into fabric. My palette reflects the winter landscape of the Northeast, the subtle muted tones alluding to a sense of faded memory blurred through the passing of time.

Mugs and Tumblers
This series of porcelain pots are handmade and inlaid with a blue slip using a technique called mishima. Once the pot is pinched or slip-cast, I carve the image into the clay using a sharp stylus. Once the carving is complete I paint a colored slip over the whole design, then sand the entire cup. The colored slip remains in the carved line. Next, I bisque fire the piece, apply glaze and re-fire to mature temperature. The finished cups are suited for daily use and are dishwasher and microwave safe.