Israel Davis – Red Lodge Clay Center

Israel DavisGrand Rapids, Michigan

Red Lodge Clay Center – Short-Term Resident (AIA) 2023

Israel “Izzy” Davis is an artist from Grand Rapids, MI. He has taught over 50 workshops on his techniques for screen-printing on clay and has been included in over 100 exhibitions. Izzy produces functional and non-functional works ranging in content from personal narratives, observations, and just plain fun.

My work is an investigation of the symbols, people, and objects that affect perceptions, the subconscious, and life experience. It is a study of metaphor through fantasy and authenticity.

This search is driven by the physicality of materials and the intersection of two and three-dimensions. I seek to play between the boundaries of object and image. I am concerned with dreams, dreaming, wanderlust, relationships, particulars, and fun.