Jared Peterson – Red Lodge Clay Center

Jared PetersonMorgantown, West Virginia

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Red Lodge Clay Center – Long-Term Resident 2019 – 2021, Short-Term Resident 2016, (ASPN) 2017

Jared, affectionately known as J-Dog was raised in Morgantown, West Virginia. There, he attended West Virginia University for his undergraduate education and received degrees in both English and Ceramics. In his personal life, Jared loves to play outside. When not in the studio, you can find him fly fishing a river or hiking in the National Forest. His work has been exhibited both internationally and nationally.

I am a Chicano Appalachian, suburban raised country boy. To make sense of my multicultural life, my art looks for uncommon similarities among unlikely subjects. By repeating common motifs of my life in narrative scenarios, I recount the various ways I view the experiences and people that shape my identity. Outlining these diverse perspectives in ceramic sculpture, I honor the complexity of my culture and open avenues for viewers to relate to my life.