Koral Halperin – Red Lodge Clay Center

Koral Halperin

Red Lodge Clay Center Long-Term Resident 2013-14

Having spent the beginning of my life in the Virgin Islands, and a portion in Chicago and New York, my work reveals observations of interactions between the natural and manmade world. Native rituals and patterns of Africa and the Americas collide with the spatial understanding of Picasso and Mondrian, having equal influence on my aesthetic. These influences come together to paint a horizon line meshing both city and landscape.

My sculptures are constructed using coils, allowing my work to grow intuitively. Capitalizing on the malleability of clay, I playfully entertain directional change, and force hard angles to create space for specific patterns. Coils record these opposite elements, and allow for endless formal exploration. I am attempting to create an environment where imagination blends with loose intuition.

This investigation of form and color grants unexpected possibilities and piques curiosity. It’s about getting lost in an object or environment, and having a sense of inexplicable familiarity. I am trying to understand and bring to light the middle ground on which we all coexist.