Lucia (Lulu) SbardellatiChicago, IL

Red Lodge Clay Center – Short-Term Resident 2018

LuLu is a ceramic sculpture and installation artist based out of Chicago, IL. She grew up in the foothills north of Los Angeles, CA where she spent most of her life. LuLu received her MFA in ceramics at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Spring 2017. She received her BA in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Elementary School Education, Child Development and Studio Art/Ceramics in 2014 at California State University Northridge. LuLu organizes exhibitions, curates and exhibits both locally and nationally. She is currently teaching at the Highland Park Arts Center in Illinois and has taught at many different art studios in the past. Apart from creating art LuLu enjoys teaching, camping with her boyfriend, exploring new places, and playing with her cat.

Memories, relationships, settings, situations, emotions; significant factors of our lives that shape who we are. While these factors change our being, they are at the same time subjective and skewed by our past experiences and memories.

I try to understand these building blocks of our personalities. I dissect them to their core elements and then recreate them into tangible images. This is my work, defining events, relationships and memories from my past. The imagery and the way it’s presented is both serious and comical, as are our lives. At points the objects can act as metaphors and at other times just be. Everything lies in a dream state, as do our memories. The images are vague but the emotions are understood.

“Art is something that moves from your insides into the physical world, and at the same time it’s just a representation of your insides in a different form. Basically I just think art is just a way to think.” Kiki Smith