Marlaina LutzRed Lode, Montana

Red Lodge Clay Center – Long-Term Resident 2023-2024

Marlaina is an artist who creates functional ceramic objects. Originally from New Jersey, she began working with clay while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. After graduating, Lutz was the assistant manager of Gasworks NYC, a community clay studio in Brooklyn, NY. After three years in this position, Lutz moved to Logan, Utah where she is a recent MFA graduate in ceramics from Utah State University.

Art with the potential for use has captured my attention for as long as I can remember. The moment I was taught how to sew as a child, I was hooked on the idea that whatever I made could become a part of my daily life. My interest in the intersection between beauty and functionality is the driving force that leads me to create community oriented ceramic objects. By exploring the relationships between aesthetics and utility through pottery, I aim to create useful objects that highlight the human inclination to nest and create comfort.