Matt RepsherSanta Fe, New Mexico

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Raised in the woods of Pennsylvania, Matt’s exposure to art, design and ceramics started early learning from his father about making pots. Matt earned his BFA in Ceramics from Penn State and then went on to receive his MFA from Indiana University in 2003. Eventually moving to Santa Fe, NM, from 2005-2008 he was the Studio Director at Santa Fe Clay. After his time at Santa Fe Clay he returned as a Visiting Professor at Indiana University teaching ceramics and 3-D Design for two years then returned to New Mexico to teach part time at the University of New Mexico and set up a studio in Santa Fe which he shared with his metalsmith wife, Marian Miller. Matt was a resident for one year at Pocosin Arts in Columbia, NC, and just completed a three year residency at Penland School of Craft in Penland, NC.

Devoted to repetition and structure, I have most recently been working in pottery forms as my canvas. Having been inspired to pursue the craft through my father, many of my recent forms are an homage to his pots and a recognition of his influence as a potter, builder and craftsman. My process begins with constructing wheel thrown vessels then dismantling them through carving a facade of structure that often pierces the wall of the pots. The pot form appears built by layers of arches, posts, lintels, and discs. All of which are references to architectural elements that influence me.

The architecture of the pots is reinforced by the surface imagery I paint on the form. I am forever curious about how the painted surface can alter or manipulate an already solidified profile. Using colored engobes, I create two-dimensional shapes that reference arches, cantilevers and other architectonic elements. The color softens the surface and creates an atmosphere of layers that challenge the true lines of the vessel.