Max StolkinQuito, Ecuador

Max is a professor of Fine Art at USFQ, Quito. He grew up in Indiana, studied Comparative Literature at the Evergreen State College, and later studied Fine Art at Kunsthochschule Mainz. Max has published print/book projects with White Flag Projects, St. Louis, Covertext, Cologne, Printed Matter, NYC, AKV Berlin, and Night Papers, LA. He was a Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Swing Space Resident in 2014. His works have been featured in exhibitions at White Flag Projects, St. Louis, The Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts, Chicago, Quartair, The Hague, Present Co., Brooklyn, Printed Matter, NYC, Supercollider, Blackpool, and Stadtbibliothek Koblenz, Germany.


I appreciate when simple maneuvers can transform materials, and open up situations in which materials disclose that they were never solely about their initial conditions. Because sometimes systems get stuck. They can get stuck in motion or stuck at dead ends. So the work is to not just get things running again, but to get them running anew. The process feels like the anonymity of transit and the event of coming home- why some passengers clap at airplane landings. I recently met a pilot, and I asked him what he enjoyed most about flying airplanes. His answer really surprised me!