Oscar SloopBozeman, Montana

Red Lodge Clay Center – Ted Neal Kiln Building (AIA) 2023

Hello! My name is Oscar Sloop, a 22-year-old potter from Portland, OR, with a passion for pottery. I started making pottery in high school under Andrew Butterfield, where I was lucky enough to fire at the East Creek Anagama, cementing my love for ceramics and fire. I am continuing my journey to understand atmospheric firings while working on my BFA at Montana State under Josh DeWeese. Besides my passion for ceramics, I am also an avid outdoorsman who loves hiking, skiing, climbing, and camping. When I’m not at the studio or outside, I’m most likely with my pet cat TT (my number one fan). 

 I strive to merge the ancient art of ceramics with contemporary aesthetics, blending tradition and innovation. Through experimentation with glazes, surface treatments, and firing techniques, I seek to harness the unpredictable nature of the kiln, embracing the element of chance. The flame becomes my partner, dancing with the clay to leave behind a trail of mesmerizing colors and textures. This naturally ethereal path of the flame is juxtaposed with the manufactured intricacies of vibrant glaze, adding boldly modern colors to old technics. By infusing my work with a sense of dynamism, I invite viewers to engage with each piece from multiple perspectives: natural and artificial.