Quinn Maher – Red Lodge Clay Center

Quinn MaherMorehead, Kentucky

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Quinn Maher grew up in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle Washington. He has been working primarily in clay for the past 15 years making utilitarian pots. He has a Master of Fine Arts from Utah State University, and his work is exhibited around the nation.  Currently, his interests include testing the effects the cooling process has on the surface of soda fired and gas fired wares at both low and high temperatures.  Quinn is currently the Visiting Assistant Professor in Ceramics at Morehead State University in Kentucky.

I work to create objects that can exist quietly and confidently until they are brought into service. Each piece is combed or textured, exposing the raw qualities of the clay and creating an unlevel landscape in which to add slip and glaze.  I am intrigued by the surfaces and textures that take place when water affects landscapes, and the patterns and colors produced by the erosion that occurs during the changing seasons. My work, through functional ceramics, seeks to explore these natural occurrences and through the experimentation of different firing ranges and methods, I see my work continually evolve to meet this aesthetic.