Stephanie Kim – Red Lodge Clay Center

Stephanie KimSan Francisco, California

Red Lodge Clay Center – Short-Term Resident 2024

Stephanie Kim is a ceramic artist and software engineer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. By day, Stephanie works as a software engineer and, once the laptop is shut, Stephanie goes to the studio for her art practice.
As an artist, Stephanie is constantly pushing herself to explore new techniques and styles, always striving to improve and evolve her craft. She creates large sculptural forms, each one adorned with intricate and expressive drawings that bring her creations to life.
Stephanie’s work has been in several juried and invitational exhibitions. Now, she is focused on exploring ceramics through residencies in various US states and abroad. Stephanie has completed short term residencies at Clay Studio of Missoula, Baltimore Clayworks, and A.I.R. Vallauris.

Ceramics is a unique art form where I can create my own canvas and pair the surface imagery with that form. Like a handwritten note or doodles in a notebook, my pencil drawings and embellishments accentuate my personal touch. I want the viewer to lean in and see where I added a drop of shiny glaze or how I shaded in a portrait to show the softness of a cheek. The viewer should feel physically close to my work and, therefore, more connected to my voice and story.

My work results from a push and pull of digging into my own trauma, while being uncertain of how much to reveal. I reflect my innermost emotions and personal experiences through form and imagery. As expected, my life goes through various ups and downs, so the subject matter of my work frequently changes. I hope that the oscillating themes are able to resonate with viewers. I want to mimic that feeling of discovering that someone else went through the same thing as you and that, finally, someone knows how you feel. When someone views my sculptures or holds a mug that I made, I hope they have feelings of joy, curiosity, and empathy.