Undine Brod – Red Lodge Clay Center

Undine BrodNew York, New York

Red Lodge Clay Center – Long-Term Resident 2011 – 2012, Short-Term Resident 2014

Undine Brod has lived in Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York City. She recently earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from The Ohio State University. In 1998, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics and a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts from the University of Washington. Undine also studied at New York University and La Universidad de Guadalajara. In addition to exhibiting in the US and internationally, she has participated in several artist residencies. She recently won the 2011 “Best in Show” honor and prize at The Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition in Columbus, Ohio. Currently she is a long-term resident artist at Red Lodge Clay Center in Red Lodge, Montana.

My recent work consists of mixed media sculptures in the form of non-specific animals. The animal figures are not actual individuals nor are they true to any original source. They have not lived, but they do have life. The truth about each is unknown and their stories are undefined and inconsistent. The animals exist as representations of emotional states in unparticular moments. They are fractured and dislocated, reflecting a sense of a false reality and the experience of a contemporary culture that is not whole.

The animal works are tender, innocent survivors of manipulation and alteration. They are worn down and on the edge of existence. They call out for attention from their disturbed and/or overly loved states. Qualities of distress, suffering, sorrow, despair, despondence, dejection, desperation, and anguish exist side-by-side with qualities of being well-loved and well-lived. The animal figures represent the point where the innocent become the manipulated, the controlled, and, in the end quite possibly, the feared. They are at a place of no return.

Through my work I try to find a way to understand what is around me in this world of oddities and awkwardness. I am fascinated and drawn to the bizarre and incongruous, which often involves hidden stories. I attempt raise questions about and create conflicts in the regular order of life and the rational mind.