Yan KongGrand Junction, Colorado

Yan Kong obtained Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with ceramics concentration from Colorado Mesa University (CMU). She established her family in Colorado ten years ago. She was born and raised in Beijing, China, and was provided with a rich cultural background and high standard for porcelain works from everyday daily use to priceless works seen in Museums.


My life and art are inspired by nature. Time becomes frozen in the patterns created from natural occurrences. From a hundred-year-old twisted tree trunk to millions of year-old mountain ranges, I feel life continually strives and grows from their movements.¬† I try to instill time, life, and nature into my ceramic works with those dynamic movements. ¬†Spirals and the vivid moving edges in my works represent the sun, clouds, wind, water, flowers, rocks… All things natural feed my creativity. I find it fascinating how unrelated and different things can have something like one simple spiral in common and in turn the spiral can be everything.