Zoë Eagan – Red Lodge Clay Center

Zoë EaganNorth Little Rock, Arkansas

Red Lodge Clay – Center Short-Term Resident (ASPN) 2016

During my time at Red Lodge, I would spend my time furthering my research on my current series of work, tweaking aspects of it to make the series more successful. I am currently working on a series that deals with opulently decorated weapons that function both as beautiful decorative objects as well as functional defensive weaponry. I intend to continue this line of research by further developing a series of self-directed weapons. I would like to explore medieval methods of torture directed specifically towards women. Red Lodge would be my first encounter with fresh eyes and criticism since leaving undergraduate studies. As I explore new ideas, I yearn for the critical eyes of my peers and superiors, which is something that I am currently lacking.

I also believe that I would enjoy what the area surrounding Red Lodge has to offer. I have only visited Montana once, but I found the landscapes to be beautiful, the people friendly, and the climate superb. I would love the chance to see Montana during the summer.

Ultimately, the most beneficial aspects of a residency are the fostering of focused attention to studio practice as well as the formation of relationships with other artists. As I prepare myself to apply to graduate school, concentrated energy and fresh criticism are highly desirable. I believe that my practice would benefit greatly from this prospect.