Zoë PriceLogan, Utah

Red Lodge Clay Center – Short-Term Resident 2023 (ASPN)

Zoë Price is a ceramic artist currently residing in Logan, Utah where she is working on a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in ceramics at Utah State University. Taking inspiration from mid-century modern design, her work explores the relationship between abstracted organic shapes and geometric lines on utilitarian forms intended for daily use. This combination makes for inherently retro work while still remaining timeless and modern.

As someone living with ADHD, I find myself continuously seeking structure. My brain is a mess. My house is a mess. My studio is a mess. These places will always be messy and chaotic. I am able to find structure in my work through the implementation of geometric lines. While structure is important there is always a part of me desperately needing freedom. This freedom is incorporated into my work through the use of organic abstract forms.

Inspired by both mid-century modern, and Danish design I seek to unite utility and design through the use of graphic organized lines on functional organic abstract shapes. Much like Danish design, I focus on beauty and functionality while seeking to uphold the tradition of quality craftsmanship. These design influences appear inherently retro while simultaneously remaining timeless and modern.

One does not typically buy a new pair of shoes just to put them on display and never wear them after. My work is not intended to be just for show. My work can be viewed as statement pieces but they are intended to be used and loved. Because of this when I create, I pay attention to how it looks from all angles including the bottom because the underside is just as important as the top.

Much of art these days is laden with conceptual meaning. This is a constant source of contention with me and instead, I make my work to have no meaning but rather a function and a purpose. As I make each piece it develops its own personality and character. Within each individual piece, I gain a sense of resonance that I hope the user gets to experience.