(a)LUREFeb 04, 2011 - Feb 27, 2011

Curatorial Statement

A lure is anything that attracts, entices, tempts or acts as a live or artificial decoy.

Allure is a derivative word, focusing on the positive aspects of luring, namely attraction, fascination, or appeal.

The five artists presented in the Loft Gallery use sundry devices to lure even the most aloof viewer into a mental space where indulgence in fantastical notions is prevalent. In doing so, they elicit an engagement which lasts longer than the standard eight seconds a viewing audience allots for assessing unidentified art objects and images.

Once the artists have our full attention, the similarities end and the remainder of the dialogue is a coin-toss of fate. Which artists successfully plied you with their wares? Are you engaged in an endearing fantasy where teddy bears are human avatars? Or have you been drawn to a darker world; a world where the alluring palette quickly drains from the subject matter and you are asked to confront the tenuous grasp society and self have on day-to-day order? Or perhaps the object has a more singular objective; one of permission. Permission is certainly granted here. Indulge, deeper and deeper, in the hedonism of material, color and hybridization.

A lure often results in a bitter end for the prey. However, a bitter end is not pre-ordained. A lure can create an embarkation point for broader opportunities. A lure can be a spoon full of sugar as easily as it can be a snare set for entrapment. The good news is: both experiences generate growth and prospects for self-introspection.

The exhibition has been organized to create a specific interaction between the objects as an intimate community. Take a moment, while you are hooked, to consider the relationships between the objects. Finally, be mindful of your own path through the space. Does the gaze of an object direct your line of sight? Is your progress impeded or changed by object placement or by your own attentions? Ask yourself what are the implications of the way you engage with the work. What are the implications of the questions generated within your mind?