Dan Murphy-SOLOMar 02, 2012 - Mar 25, 2012

Curatorial Statement

Dan Murphy
Artist Statement

My ceramic vessels are created swiftly and directly on a slow
spinning potter’s wheel. I usually work in series, developing
one body of work at a time. My goal is to make gestural
vessels that reflect my presence in the finished form. This
results in families of pots that are inevitably related, yet each
piece stands as a unique one-of-a-kind vessel. After the
pieces are made most are fired without applied glazes to
stoneware temperatures in wood-burning kilns. Colors and
textures on the ceramics result from the interaction of wood,
fire and clay. My hope is that each successive generation
produces a better piece. I feel a connection to contemporary
as well as ancient ceramics, and strive to create objects that
will withstand the test of time.