Featured Artist Jill ObermanApr 06, 2012 - Apr 29, 2012

Curatorial Statement

Jill Oberman is the current Executive Director of the Clay Studio of Missoula. Before she assumed her current role she built an impressive resume and impacted many communities. In her studio practice she, “…focuses on the elusive space of the horizon; the contact point where the earth meets the sky, or the sky meets the water. In my sculptures, I hope to convey a sense that the horizon might also be the space where there is a convergence between expectation, destiny, desire, hopelessness, distance, and vision.”

We anticipate an elegant pairing between the work of Jeremy Hatch and our April feature of Oberman’s work.

Reception April 6, 5-7 @ 123 S Broadway, Red Lodge, MT

Exhibition Posted Online April 9 @ 10 AM Mountain Time

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