Featured Artist Stacy Snyder – Red Lodge Clay Center

Featured Artist Stacy SnyderMay 02, 2014 - May 30, 2014

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Curatorial Statement

Artist’s Reception: Friday, May 2, 2014

Exhibition Posted Online: Monday, May 5
by 10 AM Mountain Time

For more information:

Have you heard Stacy Snyder’s Best Bike Cup Story? It follows, retold from her website:

This past summer I went to see a couple of stages of the USA Pro Challenge bike race in Breckenridge, Colorado. While I was there I was lucky enough to meet my favorite rider, Jen Voigt, and give him a cup I had made with a a bike and orange stripes (because he gets the most courageous rider award every day!). He was so nice and took the cup, gave me a water bottle and my son a Radioshack Leopard Trek hat (that he loves and hardly ever takes off). It made my day/year/decade that he just took the cup! Today I found out, via a friend that follows him on twitter that he is actually using the cup. And he loves coffee!

This is what he said via twitter: “aahh the friendly lady with that coffee mug! Ha a lot of coffees already in that mug. A million thanks again!!”

In many ways I like to imagine my pots living a good life and being enjoyed when they are sent off into the world. It makes me very happy to know that this particular cup is living a life in Jens’ hands.

In May, you can have your own Snyder original too. Put it on your calendar!