In Spite of Ourselves – Red Lodge Clay Center

In Spite of OurselvesJul 06, 2012 - Jul 27, 2012

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Curatorial Statement

In Spite of Ourselves is a Farewell Exhibition hosted by the 2011-2012 Red Lodge Clay Center Resident Artists: Undine Brod, Katie Coughlin, Andrew Gilliatt, and Andrea Moon.

Each resident has a different aesthetic and a diverse background resulting in an eceletic display of artworks. Brod’s animal sculptures dot the space, sophisticated personifications of melancholy and fancy. Coughlin’s illuminated, porcelain wall tiles and sashy crowns soften the atmosphere, deftly spanning extremes of scale from intimate to confrontational. Moon’s woven forms are repetitious, obsessive patterns punctuating the gallery with the uniform assuredness of a patient confident craftsman. Gilliatt’s slip-cast, pastel forms stand sleek and modular at a distance; while his clever, custom decal surfaces draw viewers in for closer inspection often rewarded with sardonic wit.

This residency has allowed us to explore and expand our techniques in clay, while simultaneously capturing our true personalities, work ethic, and aspirations in Art. As artists in clay, the constant creating and exploring will never come to an end. Our year in Red Lodge was a wonderful step toward what is still to come:

Brod will continue creating as a resident at Adoration in Detroit, Michigan.

Coughlin is moving to Missoula,Montana to complete a post-baccalaureate in the ceramics program at the University of Montana.

Gilliatt will relocate to Helena, Montana as an Archie Bray Fellow.

Moon will remain at the Red Lodge Clay Center as the new Residency and Communications Coordinator.