M-USESep 06, 2024 - Sep 28, 2024

Curatorial Statement




Exhibition Posted Online: Monday, September 6, 2024 at 10 am MT

Join us for a closing reception in conjunction with our fall workshop with Matt Metz and Linda Sikora on Friday, September 27, 2024 5-7pm MT


M-USE is guest curated by our fall workshop instructors Matt Metz and Linda Sikora. Work will address the complexity of the ceramic vessel/pottery form as it is encountered by both the body (through touch and. use) and stirs the imagination (which can both make and change the mind).

Linda and Matt wrote: Sitting in the main space of our home, where the waking activities of the day occur, we looked about us at the ceramic works/the pottery forms amongst us: in the center of the table; in the glass doored hutch holding plates and bowls and drinking cups with a crowning row of pitchers along its highest top edge; …on a display shelf in the kitchen and along the back of the counter; on the fireplace mantle; along the deep south facing windowsills; and on the end  of the open stairs (like a low banister) that leads up to a small office/bedroom space.  We thought of new colleagues we taught with and teachers from past student days and long-standing professional connections turned into sustaining personal friendships. What a gift to travel this path in such company. The exhibition represents a few of those individuals; with gratitude, we hoped to join them to exhibit work in the gallery at Red Lodge.

Participating artists:
Michael Ashley, Rebecca Chappell, Sanam Emami, Peter Jadoonath, Matt Kelleher, Matt Metz, Lindsay Montgomery, Steve Rolf, Mark Shapiro, Linda Sikora, Kala Stein, and Shoko Teruyama