Marilyn Lysohir-Flower GirlsJun 07, 2013 - Jun 30, 2013

Curatorial Statement

Some thoughts about art:

Life has an unfailing ability to move us in directions that we would never venture or choose to experience. I see them as clues. These clues can give us joy or pain or a creative breakthrough. Sometimes we see them and react and sometimes they pass us by without notice. In any event they are treasures, because we learn, and often learn to survive something of importance.

“Flower Girls”, the most recent work I have completed, came from a past experience that my husband and I had in India. We were in a taxi and stopped at a light when all of a sudden from the right a beautiful woman reached into the taxi trying to sell us freshly picked flowers. At the exact same moment hands appeared in the left window… a leper begging for money.

“Flower Girls”, the most recent work I have completed, seems to me to relate to those clues of joy or pain or creativity and celebrate life.

-Marilyn Lysohir