Matt Kelleher & Shoko Teruyama-Featured Artists – Red Lodge Clay Center

Matt Kelleher & Shoko Teruyama-Featured ArtistsNov 04, 2011 - Nov 27, 2011

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Curatorial Statement

Matt Kelleher and Shoko Teruyama are featured by Red Lodge Clay Center in November 2011.

Shoko received her MFA in ceramics in the fall of 2005 from Wichita State University. She has just finished a three-year residency at the Penland School of Crafts.

Shoko’s handbuilt work is made of earthenware with white slip and sgraffito decoration. She has developed personal drawings including a variety of vine patterns twisting around bird motifs. To Shoko, the birds represent freedom.

Most recently Matt completed a residency at the Penland School of Crafts in November of 2008. Matt was also visiting Assistant Professor at Ohio University 2003-2004 and was Visiting Artist/Adjunct Professor at Wichita State University from 2001-2003 and in the fall of 2004. He was also a resident at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Shigaraki, Japan in the summer of 2003 and a resident artist at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts from 1999-2001.

His work is built on consideration, combining a subtle balance of geometry in form, a comparison of symmetry and asymmetry in decoration, and a serene surface.

Reception November 4, 5-7 @ 123 S Broadway, Red Lodge, MT

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