Mike Jabbur – Featured Artist – Red Lodge Clay Center

Mike Jabbur – Featured ArtistMay 07, 2010 - May 30, 2010

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Curatorial Statement

Mike Jabbur is the Featured Artist for the month of May. Jabbur states… “Fundamental to my production of utilitarian pottery is the forging of connections that simultaneously enrich lives and celebrate the positive aspects of humanity. My pottery is about these very entities: material, form, utility, interaction and experience; through the exploration of these entities, it is my intention to re-engage the user with the vessel.

Utilitarian pots are to be used—to be touched, held, filled, emptied, cleaned, and shared. These attributes define and direct my artistic pursuit. Aspects of utility have been explored ad infinitum such as the way the rim of a cup meets the lip of the user, the way a handle fits the hand, and the way a vase holds an arrangement of flowers. My pottery exists within this tradition, yet allows for my own personal interpretation.