Shanna Fliegel – Red Lodge Clay Center

Shanna FliegelJun 01, 2012 - Jun 29, 2012

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Curatorial Statement

The perfect complement to Michaelene Walsh in the loft will be the work of Shanna Fliegel. Now settled into her role at MSU Billings Shanna will share all new work with us and, more importantly, with you. Inspired by a lifetime love of animals and drawing, Shanna is a ceramic artist who has found that delicate balance between sculpture and function.

From her artist statement, “Absurdity and humor are themes that circulate throughout situations I illustrate. Matt Dukes Jordan, author of Weirdo Deluxe, confirms that:

‘ …revel in the ribald, love the lurid, and turn the everyday world upside down. Carnivalesque art is a liberating comic release from the sometimes rigid and confining classical ideals of beauty and refinement.’ ”

Reception June 1, 5-7 @ 123 S. Broadway, Red Lodge, MT

Exhibition Posted Online June 4 @ 10 AM Mountain Time

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