5 x 5 x 5Feb 05, 2016 - Feb 26, 2016

Curatorial Statement

The Loft Gallery has a more subtle and quiet presence for the exhibition, 5 x 5 x 5. This exhibition seeks to explore the dynamic possibilities of how small scale artwork is still very important in both the ceramics community and the fine art world today. Often times, especially in the ceramics field, bigger is better, and is seen with more dominance and superiority over small scale artwork. It seems that sometimes in the art world, and especially the clay community, unless we are looking at a mug, scale is always something that seems to go more towards the larger end of the spectrum. A great piece of artwork, which speaks to the viewer, can be any size and can even be placed in the corner with very little lighting and still have just as much punch. This idea that the work does not have to be large to convey its meaning is what this exhibition seeks to explore. The five artist included in the exhibition each proved that small is the new large for this exhibition.

5 x 5 x 5 features five current and contemporary ceramic artists who each submitted five pieces. This exhibition explores the ceramic medium in a smaller scale, featuring artists who were required to create artworks that do not exceed five inches in any direction. The Untitled works of Linda Lopez are forms that she currently explores, although this time around, there is movement and negative space within the pieces, which gives them a dynamic edge over their predecessors. Shane Harris takes us into a miniature world of sexuality through his ambiguous forms that definitely are turned on by each other. His use of mixed media with his ceramics is at the highest level of craftsmanship for such small works. The Untitled(photo flash series) works by Mathew McConnell seek to explore viewer interaction to get the full experience of his geological forms hidden by colored plexiglass. The ceramic pieces are coated with a reflective paint and glow when hit with a flash from the camera. Continuing with mixed media as a crucial element to the artwork, the sculptures of Nathan Prouty are recognizable, yet surrounded by mystery as to what their purpose is and even if there is a purpose. Giselle Hicks rounds out the exhibition with her delicately pinched small scale vessels. Coated in a white opaque glaze, the pinching marks become so subtle and quiet, her pieces are the perfect fifth element in 5 x 5 x 5.


The artists included in this exhibition are: Shane Harris, Linda Lopez, Nathan Prouty, Giselle Hicks, and Mathew McConnell.